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Power of Attorney Documents & Advance Directives Forms from Irving, Texas

Prepare power of attorney documents and advance directives forms yourself or let the experienced professionals at eLawServices of Irving, Texas, handle the process for you. If you are unsure about the type of document you need, we recommended contacting an attorney.

Do-It-Yourself Texas Legal Forms

• Uncontested Divorce
• Power of Attorney
• Name Change
• Small Claims


Consent Authority

A power of attorney document gives someone else the legal authority to make certain decisions for you. This person is called the attorney-in-fact or agent. Your agent is not required to be a lawyer. There are different kinds of power of attorney, such as one only for health care.

Written Wishes

If at some point in the future you are unable to speak for yourself, advance directives communicate your wishes about medical care. Some of the Texas advance directive forms are included in Chapter 166 of the Health and Safety Code:

• Directive to Physicians & Family
  or Surrogates (Living Will)
• Declaration of Guardianship

• Medical Power of Attorney

Legal Form, Power of Attorney Documents & Advance Directives Forms from Irving, TX

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